A Review of High-Performance Polymers in the Development of Flexible Circuit Boards in Advanced Communication

high performance polymers in development of circuit boards

A decade past, the internal parts of devices were limited to rigid parts, where printed circuit boards (PCBs) could work to meet the expectations. Rigid PCBs are a good fit for applications involving high heat and vibrations. The rise of new application avenues in tandem with technological advancement paved the way for flexible PCBs. Flexible circuit boards (FCB) are almost used ubiquitously these days, with applications ranging from automobile, aviation, and IoT to high-speed 5G advanced communications. The flexible circuit boards have a long history and they are being continuously developed in terms of materials, designs, and processing technologies. The thin layers, which consist of laminates are the heart and soul of any flexible circuit board.

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Saima Musharraf, Consultant, Specialities
Vikash Kumar, Project Leader, Specialty Polymers

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