Bakelite Synthetics Announces Agreement to Acquire LRBG Chemicals, Inc.

Mergers and acquisitions are always key to quick growth prospects. Bakelite Synthetics, one of the leading players in the US for thermoset resin, will be acquiring LRBG Chemicals (USA) Inc (also a thermoset resin supplier), and the major reason seems to be the expansion of customer base/ service and customized R&D to achieve sustainability. Thermosetting resins are employed in many different industries, such as automotive, building, aerospace, consumer goods, E&E, etc.

The announcement appears to be a great strategy by both parties to provide customers with a higher level of customization across a range of tailored requirements for liquid or powdered resins. It will also help them to be in close proximity to customers, which can definitely increase their popularity in the US and Canadian markets. It will be interesting to see how the two businesses come together and introduce new product lines to the market.

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