Bel And Climax Foods, Inc. Announce Partnership To Innovate Cutting-Edge Plant-Based Cheeses Indistinguishable From Dairy Cheeses, Powered By AI

Plant-based dairy products have been a trendsetter in the food industry in recent years. The global market value of plant-based cheese has crossed the $2 billion mark, with double-digit growth expected in the coming years. Contributing to this growth, many innovative solutions are emerging in plant-based cheese to replicate its dairy counterparts in terms of nutritional content, texture, flavor profiles, and affordability of products. Plant-based cheese product manufacturers face this challenge to maintain sustainability and a low carbon footprint.

Companies are now depending on upcoming technologies such as artificial intelligence and data analysis to overcome these challenges. In this fashion, Bel Group, known for its popular branded cheese products, has announced a unique partnership with biotech company Climax Foods. With precise information from the data analytics and AI of Climax Foods, prototypes of specialty cheeses such as blue, brie, feta, and goat varieties are expected to be produced and commercialized by the Bel Group. The partnership is expected to introduce the plant-based versions of Bel Foods’ iconic brands such as Laughing Cow®, Kiri®, Boursin®, Babybel®, and Nurishh® among others.

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