Future Food-Tech Summit

ChemBizR to attend the 2021 Future Food-Tech Summit organized by Rethink Events.

Over the two days of interactive virtual content AND in-person opportunities, the session’s expert speaking faculty will deliver unmissable insights across;

  • Collaborative Strategies to Prioritise Nutrition Security
  • Plant-Based 3.0: Moving Beyond Nutrition to Optimal Health
  • Gaining Consumer Trust: Marketing and Regulatory Claims Around Health-Promoting Foods
  • Food Prescriptions: Managing Chronic Disease Through Nutrition
  • Improving Cognitive Function and Mental Performance Through Diet
  • Functional Sweeteners: Sugar Replacements Offering Real Health Benefits
  • Investment Trends Driving Health and Wellness
  • Technology and Partnerships to Discover New Plant-Based Compounds and Ingredients
  • The Silver Economy: Keeping People Healthy for Longer
  • Scaling Fermentation: Novel Approaches to Ingredient Production
  • Mass Personalisation: Using Data to Unlock Customer Cohorts
  • Scientific Advancements in the Understanding of Our Gut Microbiome
  • Beyond Mimicking: Delivering Nutrition Through New Gastronomic Experiences
  • Creating Convenient, On-The-Go Snacks for the Health-Conscious Consumer