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Business Opportunities Assessment


Business Opportunities Assessment

ChemBizR provides comprehensive & actionable insights on target market landscape and dynamics. We offer pivotal fulcrum to our clients to have advanced understanding on various aspects of the focused markets such as global and regional trends, customer and competitor landscaping, competing technologies, growth prospects, existing and developing new applications, industry regulations along with many others crucial parameters. Such insights depict a clear picture of the current market scenario and business growth potential, thus helping the client to build up growth strategy in the right direction.

Highly Customized & Granular Focus

Value Chain Analysis

Major Stakeholders & Decision Makers with Relevant Examples of Commercial Participants at Each Step

Supply Dynamics

Production Capacity & Output; Utilization Rate; Import; Exports; Major Players; Role of Distributor/ Importers

Demand Dynamics

Consumption; CAGR; Market Trends; Drivers; Inhibitors

Market Segmentation

By Geography; By Grades; By Applications; By Source; By Prominent Suppliers

Mapping Sub-applications

Target Applications with Most Preferred Grades; Desired Performance Attributes

Product Performance Benchmarking

Product Specifications; Properties; Technical Feasibility

Regulations/Compliances Applicable on Materials

Technological Innovations/ New Market Trends

Assessment of Threats with Key Competing Technologies (Incumbents/ Developing)

Price Analysis

  • By Grade; By Application; By Region
  • Frequency & Reasons of Price Fluctuations

Regional Market Trend Analysis

  • Domestic Production v/s Imports (Major Source of Imports)
  • Preferred Supply Channel – Direct v/s Distributors
  • Level of Market Fragmentation with Prominent Customers
  • Growth Drivers & Inhibitors (Performance, Prices, Raw Materials Availability, etc.)

Market Entry & Growth Recommendations

Route to Market Entry (Production/ Sales); Preferred Supply Channel; Most Interesting Applications, Regions, Products


ChemBizR realizes the value of adequate application specific knowledge and exposure to better evaluate client challenges and accordingly offer requisite solutions.