Cargill, CUBIQ FOODS collaborate on novel fat technology to accelerate customer innovation of plant-based foods

Mouthfeel is a very crucial factor when developing plant-based alternatives to dairy products, as consumers tend to immediately compare the products with their traditional counterparts. These products rely on vegetable fats to provide a dairy-like mouthfeel. To meet these challenging demands in replicating dairy products, Cargill has extended its activities into offering specialized oils and fats solutions through the latest co-development agreement with CUBIQ FOODS.

The collaboration aims to create novel fat solutions to meet consumer demands for improved mouthfeel, texture, and nutritional content. CUBIQ FOODS provides a variety of specialized fat solutions for a variety of food applications, which will now be added to Cargill’s existing fats and oils portfolio.

Plant-based dairy products, in general, have a reputation for not providing the same indulgent experience as dairy-based products. However, as technology and formulations advance, the margin appears to be shrinking with each passing day, which could result in market growth exceeding the expected CAGR of ~19% in the coming years.

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