Omega 3 essential oils

Charting the Rise of Omega-3s as a Functional Food Ingredient

In the past decade, consumers have increased efforts to incorporate healthier ingredients in their diet. Omega-3 oils are essential fatty acids that are building blocks of life and key for regulating the functioning of all body cells. Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, in particular, traditionally sourced from fish oil, are widely used in dietary supplements, as they offer a broad range of health benefits, including for cardiovascular, eye, and brain health. DHA is considered one of the most important supplements for infants and toddlers, for instance, to assist with cognitive development.

These oils have become popular additions to many consumer goods. More recently, there has been a prominent focus on incorporating omega-3 oils as ingredients in functional food and beverage products rather than traditional dietary supplement pills and capsules.

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Sreedevi K, Consultant, Food & Nutrition

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