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Customer Insights


Customer Insights

ChemBizR aids in identifying prospective customers in multitude of focused end application segments within targeted regions globally. We meticulously analyze the existing technology and product portfolio from our clients and accordingly propose best sales strategies to focus within both existing and adjacent set of application industries. ChemBizR not only identify potential customers but also conduct customer perception analysis, thus determining key insights on customers’ business, needs, challenges and requirements. Such insights have enormous benefits helping our clients create customized value offerings for individual customer and assess new development requirements, thus leveraging the overall customer engagement process.

Facilitate Customer Collaborations

Customer Profile

Plant Locations, Market Reach/ Presence

Current Usage of Specific Material

Types/ Grades of Materials Used; Estimated Annual Procurement Volume; Current Supplier(s)

Relevance of Parameters for Materials’ Selection

Performance/ Availability/ Label Friendliness/ Prices/etc.

Nature of Preferred Collaboration with the Supplier

Long-term/ Short-term/ Contract

Operational Considerations for Acceptance of New Supplier/ Material

Decision Making Process; Impact on Operations/ Operational Modifications Required; Timelines for Changes

Understanding Need for Replacement/ Switching to Substitutes

Regulations/ Performance/ Level of Awareness/ Demand from End-consumers

Impact of Regulations on the Usage

Prioritization/ Level of Inclination for the Alternatives with the Major Challenges/ Entry Barriers

Willingness to Pay Premium

Importance of Technical Services/ Formulation Guidelines from the Supplier


ChemBizR realizes the value of adequate application specific knowledge and exposure to better evaluate client challenges and accordingly offer requisite solutions.