Enzymes – Key to Clean Label; Clean label is driving the baking enzymes and bread improvers market

enzymes in bakery industry- clean labels

Clean label has been a purchase driver among the consumers in the last few years. Enzymes are the solution to easily attain clean label as it can efficiently replace multiple non-label friendly chemical ingredients (both in terms of usage and functionality), which makes it a prime ingredient for all bakeries.

Lipase (phospolipases), transglutaminase, glucose oxidase and few other key enzymes are successfully substituting multiple chemical emulsifiers and other additives such as DATEM, SSL, bromates, ADA, etc.

The dough improver industry (overall worth >1 bn USD), is highly convoluted and integrated, and is witnessing a growing focus towards the clean label range of dough improvers (including enzyme building blocks) by the industry leaders and the premix companies – Puratos (S500), AB Mauri (Arctic), Corbion (Prisitne), Delavau (Encore) among others

Enzymes, being a critical component (~0.5-2% by wt of dough improvers) could open up a large market, owing to its multi-functional benefits and large growing demand of the clean label dough improvers among the bakeries.


  1. The use of enzymes in the production of baked goods greatly contributes to sustainability and a reduced footprint by reducing waste and off-spec products,” said Jan van Eijk, research director, baking ingredients, Lallemand Baking Solutions, Montreal, QC.
  2. “Cultures and enzymes should be, and are in our experience, a key consideration when revamping an ingredient label,” said Mark Cornthwaite, marketing leader dairy, DuPont Nutrition & Health, 
  3. “Modern-day enzymes have reduced or eliminated the need for many chemical emulsifiers or other additives that bakers have used for more than 50 years,” Mr. Wellington, president, BreadPartners Inc., Cinnaminson, NJ said
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