Evonik brings together technical service offerings for plasticizer customers with myFLEXINO® online platform

The way consumers purchase chemicals is quickly changing thanks to digitization. For its plasticizer line, Evonik, for instance, has introduced a digital support platform. Evonik’s myFLEXINO® digital portal quickly and easily resolves customer issues with formulation support, regulatory questions, or sample orders in just a few clicks.

With the market share of non-phthalates in the USA reaching 67% and projected to grow at 4% from 2021-26, the market opportunities for bio-plasticizers in particular applications are expected to grow rapidly. At a below-average growth rate of 0.9% by volume, the heavily regulated Phthalate plasticizers are certain to see their market share decline. ChembizR anticipates similar trends for other regions as well.

With so much going on in this sector, Evonik’s portal is quite a stirring innovation.

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