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ChemBizR deals with various specialty ingredients and end products in the food and nutrition space. We are able to determine complex business opportunities associated with a very wide range of functional ingredients be it plant proteins, natural flavor/ color solutions, clean label preservatives/ emulsifiers, and in end-products including incumbent and new categories in dairy, meat, bakery, and confectionary, among others.

Have a novel product? We can identify the right market and business opportunities for it.

What we do?

ChemBizR has a stronghold across the Food, Nutrition and Beverages value chain


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Oil Consumption Across Various Categories of Lipids

North America, China, and Europe have significant oil consumption across different categories of lipids.

Distribution of Vegetable Proteins Dairy Alternative Products

ChemBizR shares interesting comparative insights on the distribution of vegetable proteins in dairy alternative products.

Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

There has been a noticeable surge in demand for Plant-Based Meat Alternatives in certain parts of the world. At ChemBizR, we tracked the market trends at a granular level and observed quite

Schema: Trending Market Numbers

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Compendium: Industry Trends

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Industry Trends: Hybrid Meat, Price Parity and Cell-Cultured Meat

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FI HI Europe 2022

The most exciting food event, Fi-Hi Europe is scheduled in December and ChemBizR is going to attend it in Paris this year. We are hoping to meet ingredients buyers or suppliers, who are showcasing their products & solutions, generate leads and learn from some of the leading experts in the industry.

Plant-Based World Expo 2022

We are attending the Plant-Based World Expo which is happening in London later in the year. This 100% plant-based event is designed exclusively for foodservice and retail professionals, distributors, investors, and manufacturers. We are hoping to discover innovative plant-based products, hear from industry leaders and pioneers, and connect with the right people from the trade […]

Vitafoods Europe 2022

ChemBizR Team is attending the upcoming Vitafoods Europe happening in Geneva. Vitafoods is organized to meet the growing demands of the emerging nutraceutical industry with global audience across four sectors covering the entire nutraceutical supply chain, from beginning to end.

Industry News

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