GOOD Meat Receives First-Ever USDA Label Approval for Cultivated Meat

Regulations for cultivated meat have always been a source of concern for all countries around the world since the product’s introduction. Labeling regulations are a major source of concern for cultivated meat product manufacturers. The USDA recently approved the mention of “cell cultivated chicken” while labeling and selling cultivated meat or lab-grown meat by manufacturers UPSIDE Foods and Eat Just, Inc. (GOOD Meat). Previously, by the end of 2022, Upside Foods was the only company to receive FDA GRAS status for cultivated meat produced from live animal cells. However, for both of these companies, the grant of inspection (GOI) of manufacturing facilities is still in process. Consumers in the United States will soon be able to purchase cultivated meat products on store shelves.

This is surely a significant step toward shaping the cultivated meat industry.

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