GPCA Research and Innovation Conference 2022

The chemical industry understands that net-zero transition cannot be achieved by one party alone. A collaborative effort is needed to help accelerate the development and upscaling of climate-friendly technologies. An important piece of that puzzle are research institutes and academia, start-ups and inventors, who bring a host of innovative ideas, but lack the capacity to upscale their technologies. The industry needs to engage and collaborate with these groups to foster fruitful solutions for societal benefits.

After a brief pause, the 7th edition of the GPCA R&I Conference is returning to Dubai to showcase the latest innovations in the chemical industry, and to cement a sustainable future with value chain collaboration at its heart. The conference will be held under the theme ‘Catalyzing a Sustainable Future through R&I’, and is scheduled to take place from 26-27 September 2022, at the Address Sky View Hotel in Dubai.