IFF Launches CREMODAN® GREENPRO 101 to Drive Affordability and Sustainability in Ice Creams

Increasing milk price inflation and consumer shifts toward low-cost alternatives have prompted IFF to implement a sustainability step in its ice cream segment. Milk and fat are the key ingredients in ice cream and thus directly impact the production cost of the product. IFF has recently launched its CREMODAN® GREENPRO 101 Modulator Enhanced System as a solution to produce cost-effective ice cream in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Turkey, and India.

This unique system is the first invention from IFF to synergistically merge a flavor-modulating technology with an ice cream stabilizer system for the best possible creaminess, mouthfeel, and melting qualities. The new technique will enable manufacturers to decrease their ice cream’s milk solids and fat levels without affecting its perceived organoleptic quality. The additional point is that now manufacturers can offer their customers low-priced ice cream products with a smaller carbon footprint while providing consumers with the same level of quality.

This appears to be a significant step toward IFF’s ambitious sustainability goals of reducing absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50% below 2021 levels by 2030.

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