McGovern Introduces New Bill to Support American Farmers and Rural Communities through Plant-Based Food Production

The plant-based industry is stirring some exciting conversations in the market, whether it is a drop in retail sales or the introduction of new legislation. The Peas, Legumes, and Nuts Today Act, also known as the PLANT Act, has recently been proposed to maintain US dominance in the market for plant-based foods. With this particular bill, the government is attempting to empower farmers and businesses to produce affordable plant-based foods for the community, thereby aiding in the promotion of the sector as a whole by highlighting the efforts required to create a robust ecosystem.

It could be a big step toward supporting the plant-based industry and rekindling the sustainability flame to boost the food economy and meet the country’s GHG emission target. The proper support could help all stakeholders bring their best game to the table and strengthen the countries’ position in the global market when it comes to the plant-based segment.

Recently, the US plant-based market experienced a decline in retail sales, but this new bill proposal may be an urgent effort to save the sector from an impending crisis. The bill has undoubtedly raised the alt-flag for the time being, but this may take some time to surface properly.

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