Nestle’s Infant Formula Factory Closure in Ireland Catering to Asian Markets

Nestle’s Irish factory, which produces infant formula catering explicitly to the Greater China and Asia markets, is shutting down due to the significant drop in demand in China. This trend is primarily attributed to the decline in childbirths in the country, which is further supported by the changing preference of end consumers toward domestic brands.

Most premium brands, including Nestlé and Danone, which dominate the market in major Chinese cities, face stiff competition from local brands. Parents in China have begun favoring and trusting local brands for reasons of affordability and enhanced product quality, causing the market share of established brands to decline. Notable local infant formula producers such as Feihe/Firmus, Shijiazhuang Junlebao Dairy, Yili, and Bright Dairy have gained ground in recent years. This shift might also be because of government regulations to tackle the ‘grey market’ scenario and to provide extended support for local producers.

The closure of Nestle’s factory is a notable instance of local players taking a slice of the pie and a significant drop in birth rate, changing the market dynamics quite extensively. It would definitely be interesting to see how the market shapes up in the future.


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