Accelerating Cell-Based Foods: TurtleTree Labs Tackles High Costs and Advances Path to Market

Cell-based milk and formula company TurtleTree Labs is launching TurtleTree Scientific – an arm dedicated to “the growth of food-grade growth factors” to tackle high costs and advance cell-based foods.

“The key driver of launching TurtleTree Scientific is to help all cellular agriculture companies and the industry as a whole,” tells Fengru Lin, co-founder and CEO of TurtleTree Labs.

“Like cell-based meat, TurtleTree Labs also relies on growth media to grow its cells. Currently, the extremely high cost of these components has been one of the major costs of production, and bringing these costs down will be essential for the industry to propel forward.”

Lin explains that TurtleTree Labs is working with research partners to conduct consumer perception studies to understand current consumer sentiments.

Furthermore, the company has plans to launch financing rounds for TurtleTree Scientific.

TurtleTree Labs relies on growth media to grow its cells, and the extremely high cost of these components is a major hurdle in accelerating marketability. The company says that despite the costs of producing cell-based meat declining over the years, the cell culture media and growth factors remain one of the biggest cost contributors, hindering the path to market.

Like cell-based meat companies, TurtleTree Labs also relies on cell culture media and growth factors to make milk. Its team of media experts has been focusing on the development of high quality, high volume, and cost-efficient growth factors that the company needs.  Leveraging the know-how of its in-house production, the company is launching TurtleTree Scientific to address this crucial need.

“We believe that cell-based foods will reach a marketable price one day. It takes the entire ecosystem to work together toward the goal of cellular agriculture becoming economically feasible. We launch TurtleTree Scientific with the hopes that this day will come sooner rather than later,” Lin details.



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