Aleph Farms Inks Deal with BRF to Pilot Cell-Based Steak in Meat-Loving Brazil

Cell-based meat cultivated by Aleph Farms will be hitting Brazilian tables. The slaughter-free proponent has inked a new deal with global Brazilian meat and food company BRF to co-develop and produce cultivated meat using Aleph’s patented production platform BioFarm. The deal is significant as it sees a traditional meat protein company like BRF – which is one of the largest producers of animal protein and a key exporter of poultry – turn to the future of cellular agriculture in its business model. BRF will also distribute Aleph-backed cultivated beef products in the traditionally meat-heavy Brazil market.

Although it’s unclear when cell-based meat products will be ready for commercialization, they are on the horizon.

“As one of the largest beef producers in the world, Brazil is a strategic market for us,” shares Didier Toubia, co-founder and CEO of Aleph Farms. “This new partnership advances Aleph Farms’ strategy to integrate into the existing ecosystem as part of our go-to-market plans. Leveraging the expertise and infrastructure of leading food and meat companies will drive a faster scale-up of cultivated meat and eventually lead to a broader positive impact.”

This announcement comes at the heels of Aleph Farms’ introduction of the world’s first “thicker cut” slaughter-free ribeye steak, using three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting technology. The company also partnered with Mitsubishi to scale up its futuristic dish in Japan.



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