Amano introduces Savory Animal-Free Enzyme for Plant Protein Products

Amano Enzyme has released its latest animal-free enzyme solution, designed to use in a wide variety of plant protein products to produce a savory, umami flavor, similar to monosodium glutamate (MSG), and kokumi “a sensation of richness and complexity.”

Keita Okuda, technical services team lead at Amano Enzyme, explained the key drivers, consumer trends and market dynamics behind Umamizyme Pulse’s launch. “As consumer interest in plant-based proteins continues to grow, our customers are striving to develop more plant-based meat alternatives to meet that demand,” he explains. “Umamizyme Pulse fits well into this development effort because it enables manufacturers to produce plant-based proteins with a ‘savory’ flavor similar to meat. At the same time, it can help our customers produce a cleaner label, non-GMO product increasing desired by consumers.”

Umamizyme Pulse is a non-GMO enzyme formulation optimized to produce high glutamic acid and cysteine levels; and less bitter flavor in proteins, including pea, soy, almond, and rice. “It is comparable, or better than, traditional ingredients for producing a rich, savory flavor in proteins, providing customers with a vegan-friendly, clean-label product. Umamizyme Pulse also works well in an acidic environment, allowing our customers to prevent contamination with less salt,” adds Okuda.



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