BASF Ultrason P for Drinking Bottles Tailor-Made for Every Processing Method

BASF has now expanded its Ultrason P portfolio in such a way that it can be used to manufacture high-quality drinking bottles using all three processing methods available on the market. The two types of polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) Ultrason P 2010 and P 3010 can be used in injection stretch blow moulding, extrusion blow moulding and injection moulding to produce drinking bottles. The most widespread manufacturing process for baby bottles, especially in Asia, is injection stretch blow moulding: Here, a test tube-like preform with a thread is injection moulded, tempered in an intermediate step and then stretched and inflated in a blow mould. The advantages of Ultrason P 3010 are mainly the fast cycle times and the exact moulding of the bottle thread.

All three processing methods benefit from the tailor-made properties of the high-temperature thermoplastic: It is free of harmful substances, approved for food contact and characterised by excellent strength, chemical resistance and long-term service temperature of up to 180°C. Bottles made of transparent polyphenylsulfone can easily withstand sterilisation in the microwave or in very hot water, regardless of the process.

Georg Grässel, from BASF’s global business development Ultrason, said: “The production of high-quality, safe and elegant bottles for adults and babies is a challenge and cannot be compared with conventional bottles made of PET, PP or co-polyester. The processing methods that are widespread worldwide each place specific requirements on the material used – and this is where Ultrason P has proven itself with customers in many countries. You can choose the right material from our portfolio and benefit from our technical application support on site and the global availability of the various types.”



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