Cargill-Bflike Collaboration Promises Alt-Meat and Fish “Virtually Indistinguishable” from Animal-Based Counterparts

Cargill has entered a joint venture (JV) in Bflike, a Dutch start-up poised to be a new technology leader in the rapidly evolving meat and fish alternatives categories. This move illustrates how Cargill collaborates with the start-up world to speed up the process of bringing innovation to consumers amid rising flexitarian and meat-reducing trends. Cargill’s 50 percent investment in Bflike is realized through a JV with Blue Ocean Xlerator NV (BOX), a Dutch private incubator focused on sustainable innovations in the food sector.

The partnership combines Cargill’s extensive food ingredient solutions with Bflike’s recipes and technology to allow food manufacturers and retailers to bring tasty plant-based products to market quickly and affordably. Proprietary technology creates plant-based alternatives that look, feel and cook like their animal-based counterparts. Bflike will license its proprietary technology and premix ingredient solutions to food manufacturers and retailers, supporting them to commercialize their meat and fish alternative products.

“Today’s start-ups face a number of issues when trying to scale up. Partnering with a global company like Cargill removes a lot of these hurdles when it comes to critical ingredients availability and multi-country supply chain deployment,” explains Belgin Köse, segment director enrichment & renewability for Cargill Starches, Sweeteners & Texturizers Europe



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