Clariant Launches Personal Care Tool

With the increasing focus on natural products in the personal care industry, formulators and brands are in need of assistance to identify the right ingredients for their product formulations. This provides ingredient manufacturers a new avenue to step in and collaborate with the stakeholders downstream of the value chain by sharing their technical expertise regarding these ingredients, mostly through easily accessible digital tools.

Typically these digital tools tend to focus on the respective ingredient company’s portfolio, while Clariant has come forward with their tool that can standardize, quantify and share the naturality of over 800 Clariant and non-Clariant ingredients for personal care applications – including that of over 300 ingredients stemming from their own portfolio.

The new tool calculates the naturality of the personal care formulation according to the ISO 16128 methodology, standardized data on the Renewable Carbon (for carbon based ingredients) /Natural Origin (for other ingredients) indices of the ingredients. In one approach, users can create their own new natural formulation from scratch, adding ingredients in their respective dosages. Based on this, the overall naturality of the finished product is calculated based on each ingredient’s contribution.

Alternatively, the users may opt for a more guided approach, where the BeautyForward calculation tool provides exemplary and customizable formulations, with up to 99% naturality. Users can copy the formulations and edit them, playing around with ingredient selection by adding and removing products to find the ideal fit for their needs and percentage natural content targets.

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