DSM’s Vegan Fish Flavor to Make Waves in Plant-Based Alternatives

Royal DSM’s new vegan flavor solution derived from algal oil is expected to elevate plant-based offerings by delivering an authentic fish taste and mouthfeel. Maxavor Fish YE is a 100 percent allergen-free flavor solution that allows food manufacturers to deliver across a variety of plant-based fish alternative applications, in addition to fish-based products. These could include vegetarian fish nuggets, vegan fish sauce, and fish cakes.

There’s a growing demand for label-friendly plant-based fish alternatives and fish-based products that meet diverse consumer preferences and help combat overfishing. DSM’s new solution addresses the challenges food producers face when developing authentic-tasting, sustainable and label-friendly plant-based fish alternatives. Most commercially available seafood flavors require the processing of fish or crustaceans, or are unable to meet Kosher or Halal needs.

“The label-friendly MaxavorFish YE innovation can help producers conveniently meet all of these front-of-pack label claims with a single ingredient. This allows them to deliver on diverse consumer preferences across a range of plant-based fish alternatives and fish-based applications,” said Gilbert Verschelling, director of business development & innovation at DSM. “Emulating the tender, flaky texture and of fish in fish alternative products can be complex for manufacturers. Creating an authentic and appealing flavor and texture in both plant-based and fish-based products also remains a challenge.”

Added during the blending of dry ingredients, Maxavor Fish YE offers two taste profiles – Maxavor Fish M YE and Maxavor Fish W YE – to emulate the body and taste of distinct fish varieties; one for rich and oily dark fish and another for fresh, light and fleshy white fish. “The solution has been designed to help producers overcome obstacles to develop plant-based fish alternatives that recreate the sensory properties of either rich and oily dark fish or fresh, light, and fleshy white fish. This flavor innovation is low in salt too,” Verschelling continues. “This means that producers can achieve the desired taste and texture without elevating sodium content — something that is becoming more important as concerns about high salt levels in people’s diets are rising.”

According to DSM, 28 percent of consumers across nine countries in Europe regularly consume fish alternatives. Significantly, Maxavor Fish YE can be declared on labels as a natural flavor. “This solution can also help producers meet consumer demand for products that support more sustainable purchasing choices. Indeed, research has revealed that 84 percent of consumers in the UK say that being environmentally-friendly is important to them.” Maxavor Fish YE is also Kosher and Halal certified and suitable for several label claims.

Source: Foodingredientsfirst.com


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