Livekindly Collective Acquires Seaweed Alt-Meat Brand The Dutch Weed Burger

Livekindly Collective has agreed to acquire The Dutch Weed Burger, an Amsterdam-based, alternative meat brand that uses seaweed as its key ingredient. Furthermore, the proposed acquisition will help the company scale internationally in the UK and Nordics, two key markets in Europe, as well as in the US and Canadian markets, and eventually into Asia.

By adding The Dutch Weed Burger to Livekindly Collective, the company expands its plant-based portfolio with seaweed, a high-quality source of protein cultivated using minimal fresh water and no agricultural land.

“Innovation in plant-based protein has created a tremendous opportunity to transform the global food system, as consumers increasingly demand tasty and nutritious alternatives to meat,” explains Kees Kruythoff, CEO and chairman of Livekindly Collective.

“With the addition of The Dutch Weed Burger, we expand the types of plant-based protein we can offer our consumers in more than 40 countries and accelerate our mission to make plant-based living the new norm.”

Eye on seaweed
Mark Kulsdom, CEO and founder of The Dutch Weed Burger, says he is excited to join driven, experienced and passionate leaders who will help scale its brand and change the food culture around the globe.

“Seaweed farming is highly sustainable because it grows profusely in the ocean and it breathes out oxygen while it grows. The plant is nutrient-rich and healthy while bringing a unique umami flavor to people’s taste buds,” he outlines.

Livekindly Collective is expanding its plant-based portfolio with seaweed.“These ocean greens mix perfectly with protein-rich beans and other innovative textures we use.”

Plant-forward gains ground
Livekindly Collective brings together founders, entrepreneurs, and global business leaders to create a robust ecosystem of plant-based brands, including Oumph!, The Fry Family Food Co., LikeMeat, No Meat, and Livekindly, a digital media platform.

The company recently closed a growth funding round, bringing the total of funding received in its first 12 months to US$535 million. The funding also made Livekindly Collective one of the top three highest-funded and fastest-growing plant-based food companies globally.

In February, The Dutch Weed Burger launched two of its seaweed-based meat alternatives, Weed Burger and Weed Dogg, at 300 national Albert Heijn supermarket chains in the Netherlands.

The Weed Burger patty is made from protein-rich, salty soy chips and enriched with Royal Kombu. Its Weed Dogg counterpart is based on meaty toasted peas and blanched oyster mushroom, creating a texture reminiscent of a bratwurst.

Albert Heijn’s vegan meat aisle is already well-stocked with patty, sausage and steak alternatives.

Innova Market Insights pegged “Plant Forward” as its second top F&B trend for 2021, predicting the rising mainstream appeal of plant-based meat and dairy alternatives will drive expansion to different regions and categories this year and beyond.



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