Meatless Farm-Real Madrid Partnership Uses the Power of Football to Score Plant-Based Goals

Madrid football club has teamed up with plant-based producer Meatless Farm to drive change toward sustainable eating. The UK-based company, which uses pea protein to develop its products, and the Spanish football giant are pledging to raise awareness around eating less meat to reduce the environmental impact of food and focus on plant-based nutrition and performance beyond vegan and vegetarian audiences. Real Madrid’s nutritionists will be working with Meatless Farm to show how plant-based food can work within a performance-based diet. The club’s players will be sharing their experience of reducing meat and increasing plant-based foods for both environmental and personal performance gains.

Morten Toft Bech, the founder of Meatless Farm, says 2021 will be a “tipping point” for plant-based nutrition. “We have seen the pandemic really heighten the public awareness of health and consumers have become increasingly conscious of their food choices. During the various lockdowns, consumers paid more attention to their shopping habits and how they impact the environment,” he explains. “The UK government’s COVID-19 tracker is testament to this where, last summer, they reported that over a third of British consumers were actively buying more sustainable products.” He anticipates this year as a tipping point for the category as climate change action gets back on the global agenda head of G7 and COP26.

Working with Real Madrid is a way to reach huge numbers of people globally and Meatless Farm needs to reach broader audiences to encourage a mainstream shift in diets while urging a change of focus for global food systems.  There is a growing sentiment that global systems are broken, with many commercial agricultural practices out of touch with current consumer demands like the environmental impact of meat and dairy industries. Boosting transparency, being more sustainable, and reducing carbon emissions are becoming top-of-mind concerns for global businesses.



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