Solvay Launches Adhesive and Surfacing Technologies for the Aerospace Industry

Solvay reported on June 22 that it is launching AeroPaste 1006, 1009, and 1100 adhesive pastes and BR 179 non-chromate primer. Solvay says these aerospace adhesive and surfacing technology innovations are said to not only increase part assembly efficiency but also offer unmatched processing flexibility, making them ideal for ever-increasing production rates.

AeroPaste is Solvay’s new generation of epoxy-based structural paste adhesives that provide film-like property and performance, comparable or superior to leading film adhesives on the market. Designed specifically to enable rapid assembly and automation, this new portfolio of paste adhesives will support industrialization requirements in the aerospace industry. AeroPaste will also reportedly increase manufacturers’ efficiency and output by enabling fast and easy application and offer excellent tolerance to variations in bondline thickness. AeroPaste offers manufacturers maximum flexibility and meets a variety of application requirements. AeroPaste 1006, 1009, and 1100 are now available commercially.

BR 179, Solvay’s next-generation, sustainable, non-chromate primer is said to be a breakthrough innovation in the world of aerospace primers. A truly sustainable solution for adhesive bonding, the company notes that this non-chromated primer provides corrosion resistance comparable to benchmark chromated primers. BR 179 also offers superior tolerance to primer thickness variations, excellent mechanical properties, and, according to Solvay, unmatched usage flexibility with an out-life of up to 180 days, making it the ideal primer for aerospace fabricators.



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