Nutritional Outlook: Algae in Asia-Pacific: What makes APAC one of the leading global markets for algae?

A noticeable population is moving towards a cruelty-free and vegan world. For those who make and sell CPG products, finding alternatives that suit the preferences and demands of these consumers is paramount. Increasingly, manufacturers are finding the answer in algae.

In the nutrition industry, algae protein provides health benefits while contributing toward a sustainable environment and reducing carbon footprints. Products like dietary supplements, cosmetics, and beverages all use algae ingredients today. The algae-based product market is picking up pace among formulators, creating products for everyone from athletes to the elderly population.

Different types of algae ingredients are sold in a variety of forms, such as powders (mixed in juices), tablets, or softgel capsules. These ingredients, which contain valuable protein, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids, are not only ideal for humans but for animal feed as well.

This article is originally published in Nutritional Outlook.

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