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Nutritional Outlook: Fortified-Food Demand and Supply are Skyrocketing in Asia Pacific

“Food fortification” means adding nutrients such as proteins, minerals, and vitamins to enhance the nutritional value of food and beverage products. Prominent groups such as the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization and the World Health Organization view food fortification as a key strategy to fight global malnutrition. By and large, the food-fortification market is also flourishing due to extensive support from government organizations.

Many developing and underdeveloped nations are taking a step ahead and mandating food fortification. This has led to a surge in the growth of the fortified-foods market in various regions.

North America dominates the food-fortification market due to its consumers’ elevated demand for value-added products. But the Asia-Pacific region has registered the highest growth rate in fortified food due to rising health concerns and frequent health crises.

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