Opportunities for High-Performance Polymers in the Semiconductor Space

opportunities in semiconductor space

COVID-19-induced demand for goods in lieu of services combined with supply-chain disruptions has resulted in a chip shortage that is expected to continue well into next year. Predictably, that supply-demand imbalance has led semiconductor manufacturers, including TSMC and Intel, to raise prices. A few companies have even started investing in new plants, and new players have entered the field to take advantage of business opportunities. All of this is good news for high-performance plastics (HPPs), including PI, PEEK/PEKK, PEI, PAI, PPSU, PESU, PPS, LCP, and PFA. These materials have broad applications in the semiconductor industry, especially when high temperatures and chemical cleaning processes are involved. These polymers perform well under extremely harsh conditions, yet they cost relatively less than materials such as ceramics or quartz.

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Vikash Kumar Program Lead, Polymers and Materials

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