Partnership Surge: The PLA Story

Polylactic Acid (PLA) is a bio-based, biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable polymer that has emerged as a promising substitute for petroleum-based polymers. The demand for sustainable packaging solutions, rising environmental concerns and regulations, as well as a shift toward eco-friendly materials, are all driving the market for polylactic acid (PLA). Suppliers are offering tailor-made PLA plastics based on user needs across applications.

A significant number of collaborations can be noticed in this space, particularly in Europe and China, between major players eager to capitalize on emerging trends and market gaps. TotalEnergies Corbion (a 50/50 joint venture between TotalEnergies and Corbion) based in the Netherlands is leading the race with a few significant collaborations that include:

– Bluepha is a top synthetic biology company in Beijing, China, and together, Bluepha and Total Energy Corbion will advance the creation of high-performance PLA-based biopolymer solutions.
– Xiamen Changsu Industrial Corporation Limited will work on market promotion, new product development, research & development of new technologies, and applications of biaxially oriented polylactic acid (BOPLA) for Total Energy Corbion.
– Danimer Scientific Inc. (USA) will obtain PLA resins from Total Energy Corbion and has jointly introduced a compostable coffee pod biopolymer that complies with EU packaging regulations.
– COEXPAN, a packaging solution provider, along with Total Energy Corbion, will launch a PLA-based cup made from recycled PLA in Europe.

With increasing global demand for sustainable solutions, Total Energies Corbion’s strategic collaborations pave the way for the introduction of more PLA-based innovations around the world.


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