Personal Care Magazine: Making sense of the anti-pollution segment

Anti-pollution in personal care

Particulate matter, ozone, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen- and sulfur- oxides, are examples of pollutants that enter the skin’s pores and cause skin irritation, inflammation, oxygen deprivation, clogging of pores, impairment of the skin barrier, and dryness.

‘Anti-pollution’ is one of the newest buzzwords in the personal care and cosmetics industries, and companies are racing to market masks, sprays, and creams that promise to shield our skin and hair from pollution-related damage. It also contributes to oxidative stress by producing quinones, which interact with nanoparticles in the skin, depleting its innate antioxidant defences, both enzymatic and non-enzymatic.

When these pollutants are exposed to the skin repeatedly and frequently, they can cause premature ageing, hyperpigmentation, acne, allergies, and skin cancer.


This article was originally released in the March issue of Personal Care Magazine. To read the complete story, visit this link.

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