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Price Tracking & Profitability Analysis


Price Tracking & Profitability Analysis

ChemBizR specializes in developing robust price tracking & cost modeling processes for most of complex and specialty chemical molecules, apart from pursuing selective key industrial commodities. Such analysis framework provide substantial boost to sales and growth strategies, encompassing quick & strategical response to evolving market situations. ChemBizR leverages from its wide global network to regularly source and analyze key indicators responsible for price fluctuations and subsequent change in market dynamics.

Dynamic Price and Cost Modeling

Price variations with respect to

  • Nature of application
  • Volume domination
  • Supply dynamics/ source and
  • Packaging
  • Import & export situations

Factors Influencing The Pricing Dynamics

(raw materials, supply demand gap, etc.)

Profitability Analysis

Cost Brea-up Analysis; Cash Cost Modeling; Cash Flow Analysis; IRR/ NPV Analysis

Price Fluctuations & Supply Demand Scenario of Raw Materials

Insights on Delivery Terms, Contract Conditions & Bulk Volume Benchmarking

Direct v/s Distributors

Average Monthly Price Index Defined/ Calculated Primarily to Compare the Overall (%) Changes in the Monthly Pricing of each Selected Grades

Monthly/ Quarterly Price Tracking at Grade Level

Impact Of Distributors/ Importers on the Prices

Possible Factors Affecting/ Impacting the Futuristic Prices


ChemBizR realizes the value of adequate application specific knowledge and exposure to better evaluate client challenges and accordingly offer requisite solutions.