Sabic Expands Its Ultem Resin Optical Material Portfolio

With 130+ grades of Ultem already being offered, SABIC has added yet another grade of PEI to their portfolio of high-performance polymers. The newly launched ULTEM™ 3310TD resin is best suited to be used in collimating lenses for applications such as optical transceivers and LiDAR sensors, particularly in harsh environments.

Most of the collimating lenses in the market are dominated by cyclic olefins polymers and glass due to their high light transmission. This new resin competes with them by offering very low CTE (~38ppm/ C) and the ability to be molded with minimal surface defects while maintaining >85% transmission rate. Its superior surface properties imply that prototyping the lenses will be cheaper and faster since lens manufacturers will not have to go through the trouble of secondary processes like grinding and polishing after machining the injection molded pucks.

For further analyzing the synergy of this new resin with their products, lens manufacturers can check out the Zemax, LLC OpticStudio database.

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