Sabic Launches New LNP Thermocomp Compounds for Automotive GNSS Antennas, Offering Improved Signal Gain vs Ceramics

SABIC has added two new grades of LNP™ THERMOCOMP™ to its portfolio. These offerings are primarily to be used in manufacturing antenna substrates for the automotive global navigation satellite systems.

Additionally, these new polymers are cost-effective compared to ceramic-based substrates. Apart from high Dk and low Df, these resins also have good synergies with copper, nickel, & silver and are able to provide a higher yield rate after electroplating when compared to ceramics.

Moreover, their optimal melt flow rate enables them to be used in complex shapes which in turn increases the effective surface area of the substrate. Higher surface area antenna substrates are preferred in situations where it is essential to enhance the signal capture quality of the satellite systems.

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