Sabic’s New IR-Transparent, Solderable Extem Resin Supports Upcoming Shift From Pluggable to Co-Packaged Optics to Help Boost Data Center Speed and Scale

SABIC has one-upped itself by offering high-performance EXTEM RH1016UCL resins. This polymer is the better version of their recently launched ULTEM 3310TD that we analyzed in one of our previous posts. This EXTEM resin is best suited to be used in micro-optics as well as PCB copper-clad laminates.

The additional advantage EXTEM provides over ULTEM is that it can withstand the oven baking process (260 deg C) used in reflow soldering of printed circuit boards.

With the recent regulations put on fluoropolymers, these are the next best materials to use in a similar application. Optical Designers can check out the Zemax, LLC (Zemax OpticStudio) database for EXTEM resins to freely design their innovative products.

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