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ChemBizR deals with specialty polymers and materials such as high-performance, engineering, commodities, composites, etc. We can determine complex business opportunities associated with polymers and materials across various industries including but not limited to electrical & electronics, automobiles, healthcare, packaging, building, and construction.

Have a novel product? We can identify the right market and business opportunities for it.


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Lithium Shortage and the Potential of Alternative Energy Storage Systems
Lithium Shortage and the Potential of Alternative Energy Storage Systems

March 2023

The conversation around lithium has evidently picked up in the past few weeks. Here at #ChemBizR, we analyzed how the lithium shortage is opening channels for emerging energy storage systems across a wide range of applications, such as #EV, solar, and wind, among others, and helping them thrive in the coming years. To know more […]

Growth of Traditional Vehicles

February 2022

The traditional vehicles witnessed negative growth in 2015-20 due to the impact of COVID-19. However, it is forecasted to show decent growth due to the same reason in 2020-25 and low growth

Schema: Trending Market Numbers

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Compendium: Industry Trends

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Partnership Surge: The PLA Story

July 2023

Polylactic Acid (PLA) is a bio-based, biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable polymer that has em…

Recap and Upcoming Changes in Polymers Space

January 2023

The Plastics and Materials space is booming with innovations, and many other vivid changes are expec…

Bio-Based Plastics in Industrial Applications

October 2022

You might have heard of bio-plastics in packaging and consumer goods? But there is an evident shift …


JEC World 2023

April 2023

Team ChemBizR is visiting JEC World, where the whole value chain of the composite materials industry…

PlastIndia 2023

February 2023

Our team recently went to Plastindia 2023, the biggest trade show in India that features suppliers o…

17th European Bioplastics Conference

September 2022

We are ready for the upcoming Bioplastics Conference happening before the year ends in Berlin. The E…

Industry News

Dow and Circusil LLC unveiled their partnership to build their first silicone recycling plant in North America.

November 2023

Indorama Ventures To Invest $150 Million In Three PET Recycle Plants In India

September 2023

Indorama Corporation is a pioneer in the PET recycling industry. To meet the growing recycling deman…

Solvay and Hegen partner to bring the first baby bottle made with recycled content to the market

September 2023

In the contemporary world, organizations are highly focused on meeting their corporate sustainabilit…