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Medical Plastics News: Sprouting Trends in Medical Plastics

Plastics continue to find more uses in medical and dental applications by replacing metal, glass, and other traditional materials in single-use and reusable medical devices. They offer strong, lightweight performance along with design flexibility, ease of fabrication, ability to differentiate products and brands using color, and most importantly durability and cost-effectiveness compared with traditional materials.

Commodity polymers occupying a major share are mostly used in disposable products, engineering thermoplastics are used in both disposable and non-disposable products and high-temperature thermoplastics (high-performance polymers) are used in implants, surgical instruments, and components for machines and equipment.

In the past decade, many such polymers as polycarbonates, polypropylene, polyethylene, having shown fine harmony with the above criteria, have been widely adopted as the material of choice by the industry; during the past few years, however, high-performance and engineering polymers have seen an increasing penetration in the industry replacing conventional metals and few existing commodity plastics primarily because of the advent of stringent and powerful sanitizing agents.

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Sanklan Chandak, Associate Consultant
Vikash Kumar, Project Lead

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