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Strategic Competitive Intelligence


Strategic Competitive Intelligence

In today’s extremely competitive environment, the eventual winner is the one who plays on competitors’ weaknesses along with his own strengths. It is extremely imperative to better know your competition in any business. ChemBizR capabilities include offering comprehensive and indispensable insights on competitors’ business, performance, capabilities, and strategies.

Key Insights on Competitors

Exhaustive Analysis on Target Product Portfolio/ Service Offerings

Mapping Trade Names with Chemistries & Target Applications

Regional Production Capabilities

Plant Location; Installed Capacity; Capacity Utilization; Production/ Output

Specific Business Overview

Revenue; Profitabilities, Sales Volume; Market Positioning; Imports; Exports

Sales Break-up

By Applications; By Grade Clusters; By Regions

Pricing Analysis

Distribution Network

Direct v/s Distributors

Major Customers

Highlights on Contractual Agreements

Business Strategy

Growth Strategy; Operational Strategy; Expansion Plans; Key Strengths & Weaknesses

Innovation Focus

New Products Development Initiatives


ChemBizR realizes the value of adequate application specific knowledge and exposure to better evaluate client challenges and accordingly offer requisite solutions.