The Cargill Beauty Sustainable Ingredient Score

When it comes to beauty products, contemporary consumers are more informed than ever. They are interested in the product’s sourcing, manufacturing process, composition, and overall environmental impact. They will, however, not compromise on performance. The sustainable development of supply chains has been a major focus of Cargill‘s commitments over the last few years, including The Red Seaweed Promise, Waxy Corn Sustainable Sourcing, Cocoa Promise, and Sustainable Coconut Oil.

Cargill recently introduced the Sustainable Ingredient Score, a new rating system for its personal care ingredients, to further educate personal care product manufacturers about the sustainability credentials of their ingredients. It is a third-party-verified scoring system based on standards that support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

This global sustainable scoring system is based on three pillars: clean sourcing, clean transformation, and environmental impact. The weightage score for each pillar is distributed equally (1/3 of the total score of 100) to provide a score ranging from A (best performing) to E (worst performing). These three pillars are divided into clean sourcing, chemical transformation efficiency, and environmental impact.

A sustainability scoring system would provide consumers with the transparency they need to make more informed decisions about the personal care products they buy. This would also provide a competitive advantage to ingredient manufacturers by allowing them to highlight the sustainability attributes of their ingredients to product manufacturers. This initiative has the potential to make the personal care industry sustainable and consumer-friendly.

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